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Fri-Sun 14:00-19:00 for current exhibition
(4th floor at 469 Phra Sumen Rd, Bangkok)
By appointment for Speedy Grandma

Baby, It’s Gonna Be Hot

Unchalee Anantawat

4th floor at 469 Phra Sumen Rd, Bangkok, Thailand
(Located within the same building as Ku Bar / access via stairways)

March 30 – May 18, 2024
Fri-Sun 14:00-19:00

You are warmly welcome to Unchalee Anantawat’s first solo exhibition in quite some time, specifically since her last solo exhibition in 2017. This summer exhibition will showcase all-new including large works created between 2022 and 2024, none of which, to our knowledge, she has shared on social media yet. “Baby, It’s Gonna Be Hot” follows Anantawat’s unique practice and comprises works that stem from her curiosity about various subjects and her exploration of how to perceive certain forms and objects in her paintings. While this may initially serve as an entry point to her practice, the essence of the majority of her new paintings focuses on how pop culture intersects with mythology, constructed reality, and fiction. Her paintings do not aim to represent the reality of our world; instead, they portray its absurdities and ironies with humor. However, her works perhaps offer a true reflection of the unpredictable nature of our real yet absurd world.

text by Sathit Sattarasart

Vijchika Udomsrianan

curated by Pongsakorn Yananissorn
10.02 – 24.03 at KICHgallery

Fufu in Paradise is the first solo exhibition of Vijchika Udomsrianan, a tale of desire, needs and the burden of dreams. Following a dog’s journey in the afterlife, a paradise of contested creation inhabited by canine companions. Filled with flora and fauna of lore, the dog meets friends, encounters the mythical and seeks to return home.

Thanawat Numcharoen

curated by Namkheun Collective
12.08—13.10 at Speedy Grandma

ARCANE PLATEAU คำสาปที่ราบสูง🏔
Big words and an impossible question! As impossible as recalling forgotten memories, apprehending the future, or writing the past unknown that is history. However, it is perhaps only impossible if the purpose is to get it ‘right.’ So, instead, what Thanawat has done is to immerse himself in what writing and art can offer: the fictional world with all the impossible and infinite possibilities. ‘Arcane Plateau’ is a universe in which Thanawat has conjured speaking animals, immortal beings, burning meteorites, the war of god against earthly creatures, the many great floods, and first-ever humans, among other wonders, all of which transpire simultaneously and take place ubiquitously.

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